Dag, a family history

Daniela Corbetta grew up breathing the world of jewelery and “allure”. Her dad Franco is the owner of a fine jewelry company started by Daniela grandfather in 1922. Her mother, Giovanna, a former Miss Italy, had style and passion for fashion. Daniela, who grew up with a strong aesthetic taste and creative sense, studied art, so It comes as no surprise that her first sketches were transformed into creations for the family business; the Franco Corbetta Company. A firm with a strong craft footprint, Franco Corbetta Company specializes in modern jewelery, precious stones, and was among the first in Italy to deal in vintage jewelery.

Daniela began to design earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches for the family business which ended up adorning and illuminating the windows of the best jewelery stores in Italy all served by the Franco Corbetta Company.

In more than twenty years of work and passion for design, Daniela has built up her professional profile, specializing in the search for precious and semiprecious stones in order to create jewelry of all kinds.

In the early '80s it come time to test a new market: fashion jewelry . Daniela created Tataua Oro, the young and experimental line in which she express her creativity in complete freedom, mixing precious materials , gold and semi-precious stones with simple materials such as leather, plastic cloth, ropes and slings. She bet on geometrical shapes: cones , triangles , rectangles and studs. With Tataua Oro, Daniela began receiving great acclaim in the trade press and from retailers from all over Italy .

Dag is the next chapter in Daniela’s career. After a pause in which she was entirely dedicated to her family, the appeal of what stimulated Daniela for over 20 years is stronger today. This new project started in 2010 and marks the return of Daniela Corbetta’s full activity in the jewelry world . Dag reflects her unceasing interest in new ideas and her strong bond with the tradition and craftsmanship of jewelry.

Today, alongside Daniela there is her daughter Valentina Garavaglia. After ten years in the fashion industry, the last eight as a journalist for Glamour magazine, she has changed course and life to devote herself to the family buisness. She has brought with her a new wave of creativity, a hint of glamour, the desire to experiment with a “light” line and, of course, Dag on the web.